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"How To Choose The Right Internet Hosting Provider To Suit Your Needs"

When it comes to choosing an Internet hosting provider for your website, the most important things to check is if they suit your current needs. Most of the time the majority of the site owners do not know much about web hosting services.

Some common questions you might have are: How many types of hosting are there? What makes an Internet hosting provider good? What makes a bad one? What happen if you choose the wrong hosting for your business?

We will answer all these questions for you right now. Like anything else, all types of hosting have strengths and weaknesses. Hosting can be FREE, shared, collocated, or dedicated.

FREE Hosting is often offered by many companies. This is a good choice if you just want to host a personal website. This is not recommendable if you have a business website since it limits the amount of traffic and doesn't offer limited security options.

Pros Cons
Free Limited security options
Good for personal or family sites. Limited software options
No data support
Limited or no technical support

Shared or virtual hosting. This means you are sharing one server with a couple of other clients of that company. The host manages the server almost completely, all you have to do is maintain your site.

This type of hosting is very affordable but it can be very harmful for your website since you are sharing the server with probably 100 more sites.

Pros Cons
Low price Restriction on traffic volume
Good for small business with average traffic. Since it is shared with others you have a reduced security.
Own domain name Restricted database support
Good support

Collocated hosting. This is when you own your own server and a host connect it into their network and in their redundant power system. The host company has to make sure that the network is available. You are responsible for the maintenance.

Pros Cons
High bandwidth Very high price
High security Requires higher skills
High up time Harder to configure
Unlimited software options

There are two types of Dedicated hosting

Un managed dedicated hosting. This is very similar to the collocated hosting, the only exception here is that you need to lease a server from a hosting company. If for some reason you think this type of hosting is the one that fits your needs, make sure to ask your server about what kind of support they provide, levels of support can vary. Also ask if they provide security patches to your server. This kind of hosting is good for large gamers. It is not for serious businesses.

Managed dedicated hosting. This means that you need to lease a server from an Internet hosting provider and they will provide you with the maintenance and support that you will need. What is maintenance in a hosting? It's uptime monitoring, hardware warranty, security patch updates, etc. This is good for large business since you can have unlimited traffic.

Pros Cons
Good for large businesses Expensive
Good for high traffic Requires higher skills
Multiple domain names
Strong software support
Powerful email solutions
Powerful database support

Here what you need to consider before you contract any hosting company:

Tips of the day:

Before you sign up with any Internet hosting provider, surf some other websites on their servers. Find out what their network speed is. You can even contact their current clients and ask them how their experience with the company is.

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