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"Why Search Engine Optimization is so Important?"

Search engine optimization is so important just because you will be receiving free visitors to your web site.

Here is what you need to do to optimize your web site:

  1. Determine your best keywords related to your web site theme.
  2. Create lots of pages with unique content.
  3. Include a keyword rich title meta tag to each page.
  4. Link to each page from your site map page.
  5. Submit your site to the major directories like open directory project (DMOZ), yahoo, etc.
  6. Set up and maintain a link exchange campaign.
  7. Make a blog and link it to your web site.
  8. Write articles using your signature.
  9. Check your content on to see if your content is unique and no other site is using it.
  10. Answer questions on forums related to your topic. This makes you to convert yourself as an expert.
  11. Get a domain with keywords.
  12. Write press releases and submit them to the adequate directories.
  13. Doing the search engine optimization correctly you will be dominating your niche without spending a lot money. Search engines will love your site and you will be appearing on the top search results according to your keywords.

If you are serious about SEO you must follow this 12 search engine optimization tips as your commandments. Stick to them and you will see the results.

Do not forget to check your traffic and your pages indexed by the search engines. Check them every certain time. By checking the traffic, you will find out where they're coming from, what pages are the visiting the most, and how long they spend on every page.

Also, by checking if your pages are indexed by the search engines, you will see which ones need to be optimized.

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