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What do I need to be successful on on-line marketing? This is a simple question that any online marketer or online business owner should answer or should know before starting to promote their online business. The answer to the question is "planning". You will need a marketing plan that outlines the keys steps you will need to drive more visitors to your web site. Planning is essential for any type of business. Having a plan will also help you determine which tools will generate traffic to your web site.

For example, if you have a very tight budget, you can start promoting your site by free. Blogging is one of them. You can start your blog for free and right away, but don't forget you will need to maintain it and keep it up to date.

Another free option is by writing articles and submitting them to the free article directories such as It takes time for you to receive traffic, but it is a really powerful tool to market your web site. You can hire a ghostwriter or pay for a plr membership.

Also, you can look online for web sites that allow you to post an add for free. You will find a lot of these sites.

Some good things you can include on your plan are: for how long will I be doing free promotions? How many people do I want to reach a day to make substantial money? Or if you have a small budget, how am I going to spend this money? How many traffic am I willing to buy?

One on-line marketing technique that works perfectly is pay per click with Google or Yahoo. Just keep in mind that planning is always important.

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